June 29, 2013-Unplanned day off-Foot Injury-Training update

I was suppose to run 5-7 Miles today but ended up just riding my bike to and from work then walking roo around the neighborhood later due to my foot being swollen and brusied. It hurts to walk so I probably shouldnt run on it. It happens and being flexible is part of training. Sunday is my scheduled rest day lately so I will try to recover and take a good long bike ride monday instead of my normal long run, then hope for a shorter run tuesday. Saturday the 6th is the 37th annual Vail Hill Climb and I am hoping to run it. It is almost 8 miles of all uphill service dirt roads on Vail Mountain and it will be painful. Sautrday is also 1 month until my first 50K at the Mt Werner Classic in Steamboat which is my main focus at the time. I just retweaked my training schedule hoping to taper and peak for august 3rd. I need to stop hurting myself and get there injury free. Wish me luck!



June 28, 2013-North Trail-Red Sandstone Loop 5 miles

Went out for a quick loop in my “backyard” the 3.5mile section on north trail behind my neighborhood. Counting the road back from the buffer creek trail head it’s around 5 miles and takes less than an hour. I left the phone, music and everything I usually carry in my vest at home, I brought roo and a water bottle with tailwind. I made the mistake of wearing my old new balance minimus that have holes in the toes. About 10 feet up the trail I stubbed my toes and tripped a little, it really hurt and hurt the rest of the run. It was more of the foot where the toes connect to it. It was quite the painful run but I made it. I heard some thunder but it didn’t rain. We followed a mountain biker up the switch backs and the made it through the aspens and noticed how grown in and green the trail was. Toes and foot are a little black and swollen but will be ok. Toes get stubbed and life goes on. I felt good on the run otherwise and it was nice to get out there after work and run with no music. I went to my first yoga class in a long time this morning before work so i was relaxed and thinking about breathing which helps. I thought of a mantra I heard from an irunfar.com interview with Dylan Bowman, “relax and breath, relax and breath.” On the mile or so stretch of road back I pushed a steady pace. After I made a smoothie with kale, almond milk, water, chia seeds, blueberries, lemon juice, spirulina powder, tumeric, banana, and orange, in my new Ninja. Plant power.

June 27, 2013- Vail Run Club-Vail Mountain

Another great group run with the Vail Run Club! It was a scorcher for Vail getting into the 90s. I wore a singlet and shorties and had my Nathan hand held with some tailwind nutrition. I havvnt used the hand held in a while and it is nice taking some weight I like to run from sandstone over to the group for a warm up and because driving sucks. We started off as a big group and then broke into smaller groups depending on speed and how far you wanted to go. My buddy Carl and I went up git-a-long road a couple miles then veered off kind of bushwacking down the ski slope on Golden Peak running into some local running characters. It is really nice to push the pace with other people instead of having Rooster pull me then stop to smell something every 50 feet. I also get my fix on talking about running here, its like a support group. I cant shut up about races, training, trails, shoes, gear, and Carl actually said, “your running crazy, huh?”. Its fun though and good to meet like minded people in the community. I am not use to a constant pace and this is something im working on. We probably did around 6 miles and joined back at the chop house for a beer. Bonfire Firestarter IPA from Eagle, CO is my beer of choice. I run back home after the group cutting throgh some back yards which is fun.

June 25, 2013- Vail Mountain Long Run-3:30

My first solid back to back long runs. I slept in until 6am this morning because i was off from work for the day. Rooster was excited and ready to go so I brought him along again. We took git-along road to liondown all the way up Vail to Eagles nest. It is around 8 miles of gradual service road winding the whole way up. The sun was out and it warmed up quick. I was looking to check out grand traverse, some sweet single track going along the back bowls, which is another part of my 50k race in september. I ate a bunch of endurolyte capsules, trying to get use to fueling long runs, as well as some clif blocks, which i hate and feel like i am going to rip a tooth out trying to eat. We went right past it and ended up taking Ridge route up to the top of Game Creek and Wildwood. The view of holy cross was amazing this morning, as usual. We took ridge route single track back down to eagles nest and saw where we missed Grand Traverse. We took berry picker all the way back down to lionshead, which is a couple miles of steep rocky rooty single track, my favorite. I felt surprisingly good at the end of this run pushing the pace pretty good. Roo and I stopped for a dip in the river at the bottom of the mountain then jogged it back over to Sandstone. Later in the day i went Disc golfing with Madison back on top of the mountain and my legs were DONE.





June 24, 2013-Vail Mountain-3 hours

Finally I am getting better at getting out of bed early to get in miles. I was up at 5am, made some of the stongest coffee I have ever tasted, and was out the door by 5:30am. I wasnt planning on bringing Rooster for the whole run as I am trying to take it easy on the pup but, he was way to excited by the sight of my running gear so I took him for the run. In some amazing early morning light we ran over the pedestrian bridge from Sandstone into Lionshead, past the gondola and up the hill towards Git-a-long road. I love running on the ski resort partly for the sense of security but this summer, it also happens to be the corse for my big 50K in september so I am trying to find sections of it. We wound our way up the service road watching the light spill over the Gore Range and into the Valley and trees of Vail. I saw countless deer just hanging around and a couple marmots poked out to say hi. We made it to mid-Vail then eagles next around 7am and it felt really good getting up there so early to take in the views. I ate a sweet potato and apple baby food packet, it was tasty like good apple sauce and alot easier to get down than sticky gels. I need to get some more Amrita bars. I made my training plan to have long runs on mondays because I am normally off but, cause of the race saturday I ened up having to work today. So keeping in mind I should be home by 9 I ran around the top looking for the Game Creek Trail, a trail that goes off the side of Vail to the town of Minturn. It was unmarked with only a sign stating you are leaving the ski resort and to turn around but, Im pretty sure I found it and it looks sweet. We made our way back down Vail hitting up Berry Picker which is always some sweet single track. I wore my Scarpa spark GTX which i have been getting more use to( I really didnt like them at first then sprained my ankle wearing them) and they are fairly comfortable but i felt like i was smashing my toes into the fronts on the downhill. I need new shoes. Made it back home in 3 hours and I am guessing it was close to 15 miles. It felt good and I could have gone a little longer, it was just so nice out.





June 22, 2013-Vail Rec Summer Solstice 10k @ Beaver Creek

This was my first race since the Aspen Marathon and it was a beautiful day at Beaver Creek. The corse was 6.6 miles with a 2.2 mile climb of 1,600ft to start. With 300+ runners it was some crowded single track. I finished in 53 minutes flat and felt pretty good about it. I was dealing with stomach craps on the uphill and just havn’t pushed it that hard lately i guess. I help my own and passed some people on the downhill. After the race i took a dip in teh river and ventured into the village to find a healthy meal option and some beers, which was found at the Dusty Boot! My ankle which i sprained over a month ago was a little stiff before the race but seemed fine during and after. I wore my Amrita singlet which is very comfortable. I wasnt too impressed by the race over all, Cotton T shirts (no tech ts!) and BBQ after mean (no good for a vegan). However, I had fun and it was good to get out there and test my self against some fast mountain runners.


June 20, 2013-6m-Vail Run Club

It’s my second week meeting up with a running club in Vail and I really enjoy it. It’s great meeting new people while running new trails. My legs were tired from long runs and hikes ealrier in the week so plan was to take it easy. From lionshead we ran on the mountain to golden peak and took the vail trail to the golf corse and the road back for about 6 miles. The vail trail was beautiful, amazing tight and Twisty single track with amazing aspen groves and wild flowers, i thought for sure we would see a bear. It’s nice having fellow runners to talk about training and races. Had a bonfire IPA at the chop house after which is nice.

June 18, 2013- 5 miles-North Trail

Had a great 5 mile run on the red sandstone north trail section behind my hood with rooster. Awesome switchbacks to the top then through some aspens to one of the best downhills in vail Tired legs from yesterday’s long run quickly warmed up. No food or water. Hiked hanging lake in the afternoon with my girlfriend and her cousins. A beautiful touristy hike over by glenwood springs, a steep 2 miles to some amazing falls. It was a good day and I feel strong training wise.

June 17, 2013-15mi-North Trail-3:20

Great long run. Starting from my place in sandstone I took the bike path to son of middle creek trail head and jumped on the north trail around 7am. The trail is closed april 15th-june 15th for Elk calving. While I didn’t see any elk, I saw about 5 deer It was beautiful and right away I noticed how amazing the wildflowers were going to be this summer from the good snow. I took the north trail all the way to Davos trail head, connecting son of middle creek, to red sandstone(my back yard trail)to buffer creek for ten miles of pristine single track full of switchbacks, aspen groves, pines, sandstone, creeks, deer, big mountain views of holy cross, beaver creek and vail. Including the bike path and roads to and from the trail heads it was around 15 miles in 3 hours and 20 minutes. I had some coffee before and an Amrita bar and a few clifblocks while running. I love the Amrita bars because they taste great and go with my plant power diet. I wore my salomon speedcross shoes which I need a new pair of. Also had on my Nathan vest with a full bladder of water. I felt great and look forward to more training as I get closer to my first 50k. After the run I took rooster to the dog park cause somehow he still had energy. River recovery sessions rule.