July 8, 2013-Vail mountain/Game creek trail/cougar ridge-5:40

One of the longest training runs I have ever done. I left apartment at 7am and was out trail running for 5 hours 40 minutes. From sandstone I went over the pedestrian bride to lions head and strait up berry picker to eagles next. Then I went out the game creek trail towards Minturn looping back on cougar ridge. Game creek trail was over grown and all the leaves were wet so i was soaked but it felt good and i was in beast mode. I had never been on cougar ridge before and it was a serious climb with cool views of Minturn. It turned into a steady hike going back up to vail through the back bowls. It was all single track back to wild wood then ridge route back down to eagles nest. Funny how on the way up at 8 I saw no one but by 11 it was packed with visitors. I ran the single track back down to the base and sat in the river with rooster, didn’t even bother to take my shoes off then ran back over to sandstone. For 5 hours 40 mins I felt great and guess I went about 24 miles which my training plan called for. My aspen marathon was 5 hours 30 minutes and 27 miles. Feels good to go out and run a self supported almost marathon on vail. It was also most of th corse for the uber 50k im doing in september. I wore my old salomon speedcross3s and Nathan vest. UCAN and coffee before.











July 6, 2013- 37th Annual Vail Hill Climb-1:08:38-7.53miles

I had a great race at the 37th Annual Vail Hill Climb. I was 11/30 in the mens 20s age group in 1:08:38. It may not seem like a great place but I was happy because I was able to run the whole race. Alot of people were walking the steep corners but, I gave it a hard effort and kept a pretty consistant pace. I didnt stop to walk at all and i finished strong. It was a steady 7.5 miles of uphill service roads with no relief. So while I may have liked to place better, I felt good, and feel fairly happy with where I am at training wise. I tried some UCAN drink my dad sent out for me to try before the race. It was good stuff and I enjoyed the steady energy. I wore my Scarpa sparks which are fairly light and comfortable. In the afternoon I took my Mountain bike up the Gondola for three downhill laps, that took it out of me. My left foot still hurts under the small toes. Taking sunday off and hoping for a long 24ish miles running monday. I want to check out the Cougar Ridge trail but know I need this foot to get better before Mt Werner 50k.

July 2, 2013-Son of middle creek north trail section- 5 miles-1:20

Great run on the son of middle creek north trail section. 3.5 miles of single track switch backs up and down with a lot of vert. Great views of vail mountain the entire time. First trail head is just up the street from my apartment. Probly 1-2 miles of bike path back from the other trail head. Drank only coffee before the run and didn’t bring any food or water, had some new music on my shuffle for the first time in years, jamming to some new pretty lights and a bunch of other good tunes. I wore a breathe right strip for the first time and felt very strong the entire run despite a long bike ride yesterday’s. My left foot only hurt when I landed on the front outside toes. I wore my scarpa sparks and like them a lot more these days. Took rooster to the dog park for a good session after.








July 1, 2013-Mountain Bike-Vail-Game Creek to Minturn-4:30

Since my foot is somewhat injured I decided to take a long bike ride instead of my scheduled long run day. This would be my first legit mtn bike ride of the summer. I left my apartment just before 8am and rode up the front side of Vail mountain all the at up Git-a-long road past eagles nest. I have never been down game creek trail so I was a little hesitant but I had a map and gear so I dropped in, it was a long downhill of challenging single track with views o game creek bowl, holy cross, and just full of aspen groves and wild flowers. After the downhill the trail goes along the creek for a bit before coming out in Minturn. I stopped at the thrift shop and picked up a check then went to Nickies Quickes for a tofu Gyro, I was hungry and it was good. It took me about an hour to get to the top of vail then another hour to get to Minturn, I cruised the road and bike path back around the side of the mountain to west vail, pushing the pace back to my place. It was hot and beautiful out and riding my bike felt great, working the different muscle groups and not pounding on my feet. It was also nice finding new trails and seeing more of the uber 50k corse. I brought Rooster to the dog park when I got back for a good river sesh.