August 29, 2013-Photo shoot with Steven Dewitt-Whiskey Creek-Double Rainbows and Mountain Meadows

20130829_jbusch_01Met up with Steven Dewitt for another photo shoot over on the Whiskey Creek trail in Eagle-Vail. We had another trail runner named Meredith for the shoot. We all met up at a bus stop and headed up the trail keeping an eye on dark clouds in the area. To start we headed through a dark tunnel under the highway checking out the local street art. The trail going up was a little rutted and saw heavy mountain bike use. Once we got to the open Meadow where we were going to shoot I realized why, it was beautiful. Pristine single track trail weaving through this open Meadow with wildflowers, aspens, and mountain views in all directions. Rock Cliffs from Eagle-Vail, peaks of the Gore Range and bits of Minturn and Beaver Creek. We saw a little rain then double rainbows and clouds with light breaking through the cracks. For such a short hike it was epic and I cant wait to see the pics.

August 30, 2013-Vail Mountain-Village Road/Lionsdown/BerryPicker/Lionshead/Sandstone in the Rain

Went out for a shorter run on Vail Mountain. I wanted to do a long run but the weather wasnt cooporating and i wanted to save my legs for days off from work and labor day weekend. Probably around 6 miles going fro my apartment out Village Trail towards Mill Creek. I turned around and went back towards lionshead due to dark clouds and thunder. It was nice taking some good single track and getting rained on on the way back. It can be tricky trying to run away from thunder storms and seeing what way weather is moving. More rainbows and aspen leaves starting to turn.






August 21, 2013- Vail Mountain-Berry Picker/Grand Traverse/Ridge Route/Gondola/River Recovery/ Sandstone-3hr20min

I was planning on taking a rest day but due my work schedule my long run yesterday was short and I felt like running today. It was a beautiful morning and rooster and I went for a pretty long one up berry picker to grand traverse and ridge route. Some amazing views and single track up there in the back bowls. We saw a sign for Mountain Lion warnings saying they have been in the area. We tried running down berry picker but Rooster (not me) was too tired so we hiked back up hill to take the gondola down. Rooster is like a little kid on gondola and loves looking out the windows. When we got to the bottom we both soaked in river for a few before jogging back over to sandstone. My Pearl Izumi shoes are very comfortable and I felt very good that run. Three days of pretty solid runs In a row.












August 20, 2013-Vail Mountain-Gitalong to Berry Picker- 50min

Went out for quick run after work. It was about 50 minutes and maybe 6 miles. I was planning to go farther but it felt really good to do a shorter run and push it. I had a really good pace going from the start excited to run in a lite rain. I decided to switch it up from the service round and took berry picker down which is always fun. I did more “interval” “speed work” or whatever you call it, than I usually do and it felt awesome. I feel like i really did a great job recovering from my first 50k by doing active recovery, giving myself time, and sticking to my plant based diet.



August 19, 2013-Vail Mountain- Git-a-long Road to Eagles Nest 19-20miles 3hours

Good morning run up Git a long road from my apartment with Rooster. We both love the new ruff wear leash my parents got for us. It goes around my waist so my hands are mostly free and it has bungee so when he pulls there is some slack. From mid vail we took an awesome single track section called Fireweed through the woods to Eagles Nest. We took in a quick view then headed back down. It was two hours to the top and less than an hour back down. I was really moving on the service roads and getting excited to run this same course for my next 50k at the end of September. My pearl izumis were feeling light and kush. I wore my Nathan vest and brought my new salomon 10oz soft flask which fits perfect in my front vest pocket. I drank some coffee before and brought a couple salt caps. I wore a light thermal on the way up but as it warmed up I took it off and enjoyed wearing my Amrita singlet. I was listening to pandora and got some really good tunes by grateful dead, phish, Elliot brood, and Mumford and sons. It was a beautiful morning and I feel really lucky to live here on runs like this.














August 16, 2013-Mt. Elbert trip report-Hike with my Dad

An incredible day hiking on Mt Elbert Colorado’s tallest mountain. Checked this off as my 7th 14er(peaks over 14,000ft elevation). My dad was out visiting and this was his second. We got to the trail head a little after 5am and started hiking as the sun came up. The total trip took us just over 6 hours. It was totally beautiful and I love the Leadville area.









August 12, 2013-North Trail with my Dad-9miles

Went for a great run on the North Trail with my Dad and Rooster. We ended up doing two sections of the north trail starting from Red Sandstone to Davos, making for 6.5 miles of single track trail, then we took the bike path back from West Vail to Lionshead tacking on a few more miles. We got a start around 7:30 and it was a beautiful morning on the trails. It felt good to do two sections and make for a little longer run than planned. We brought Rooster with us who was happy to have my Dad there as well. We ended the run with a good dip in Gore Creek.