“Off Season” Darker Days, Cold and Ice, Diet, Race Planning, Winter Relaxation

I haven’t blogged a run since Halloween but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been running! I have been trying to relax and take it easy going for runs more when I feel like it or when it’s nice out. Since it gets dark around 5pm lately I have been doing a lot of head lamp runs around town and on the bike paths at night. It can be icy so it’s good to have a head lamp and take it slow but it can also be so beautiful with all the lights, the moon and the stars. I have also been doing a lot of cooking and eating just enjoying the slow time. I have been shifting from a plant based/vegetarian diet to a paleo diet, trying to stick to high quality meat, nuts, berries, seeds, as well as lots of Fruits and Vegetables. I have made some great meals lately and like experimenting. This past week I have had some amazing Cauliflower, Chicken, Fish, Lamb, Buffalo, Swiss chard, Zucchini, and lots of the usual chocolate and chia. I still make regualr smoothies with Kale, Bananas, Almond Milk, Yogurt, Berries, Spirulina, Ginger, whatever healthy stuff is around and sounds good. I even tried this whole Natural Grass Fed butter in my coffee my dad is into, Bullet proof! I like the whole idea of eating what our ancestors ate and getting rid of grains and legumes and stuff that we just aren’t meant to eat. I want become a fat burning machine but also be flexible and not over stress about what I’m eating. I feel great about it and enjoy eating meat and will keep fine tuning it and seeing what works as the next “race season” approaches. This is also the time for “race planning” and I’m looking at a couple big races for next summer. I am thinking about doing the Quad Rock 25 in Fort Collins in May as a “warm up” race for summer, reasons being that I have never been to Fort Collins and want to see that area, also, the race is put on my Ultra Runner Nick Clark so you can expect a quality race. I am also interested in the Telluride Mountain Run in August which Dakota Jones will be putting on for the 2nd time, it’s a 40 mile mountain race(would be the farthest I have run) in Telluride, another place I really want to see. Then my main focus, the Run Rabbit Run 50 Miler in September. This will be my first 50 miler and I can’t wait! The first like 15 miles and last 15 miles of the course will be almost the same as my first 50k race, the Mt Werner Classic which I raced last august and takes place on Steamboat as well. I think I am going to try and get some Hokas for this one! It can be hard to relax and not all the time when you’re excited about races and running but this is certainly the time to let your body recover and enjoy the little things in life. I can’t wait to get out and try my split board which will be awesome cross training. I look forward to another amazing winter in Vail skiing/snowboarding with my girlfriend and friends.

October 31, 2013-North Trail-Red Sandstone 45min

Beautiful Halloween evening run in the snow! Rooster and I went up the hill behind my apartment on the North Trail for 45 mins. It has just really starting snowing consistently in Vail and it was snowing most of this run and the clouds and trail looked amazing. I know winter may not be ideal running weather and it can be a hard getting motivated, geared up and out the door but, once i do i am always happy i did. I love he way snow makes the trees look and everything it touches. The snow can cushion the trail sometimes but mostly it’s just to pretty and gets me excited for winter. It’s kind of like running in the rain sometimes too and can be really primal and bring out emotions. My legs felt really fresh over all but I felt my recent kettle bell workouts in my upper legs when it got steeper.