Vertical Runner Breckenridge Headlamp Run-12/12/2013

I have been meaning to get over to Breckenridge to check out the new running store Vertical Runner since it opened last summer. When I heard they were doing group night runs I knew I had to make it over for one. When I got to the store it was only Ryan the shop owner and one other guy who just arrived at altitude. They have an amazing shop by the way, amazing shoe selection, specialty shop logo items, handmade gifts, awesome nutrition section. Anyway, I expected a bigger group but didn’t mind at all as the three of us headed out up Ski Hill Road. I really missed Breck after living there for two years and falling in love with running and the trails around Breck. As we made our way up ski hill overlooking the town was beautiful as always, Main Street all lit up for the holidays, with Baldy Mountain and the stars in the back drop. We ran along the base of peak 8 and over towards the trail head for the Nordic center trails and Cucumber gulch, this is where is got AWESOME. We entered a magical moon lit snow covered winter wonderland. The trail was soft and crunchy with fresh snow and cold temps, the buffed out trail was easy to fly over, ducking and winding through snowy pine trees. I forgot how awesome this web of trails was, Breck has an amazing mining history making for tons of trails right around town. We would go from trail to snow covered foot bridge to groomed Nordic ski trail, stopping only to take in the view of the stars of moon lit mountains. The last stretch was along this ridge trail that over looked the town then went through a little gully of aspens, it was so cool. We were out for about an hour and it was just an awesome time. I love running at night with a head lamp, especially in the woods with other people.

Splitboarding-Solo night skin-12/9/2013

So I finally got out on the splitboard I made last spring. It was my first full day off in a while and I made the most of it, running around the block with Rooster first thing then shredding solo pow lift laps on Vail in the morning then after running some errands it was time to splitboard. I took it a mile or so up Vail Mountain the other night just to test it out and it was awesome. I called the Vail uphill hotline before going and they said there was some grooming on Simba so I went to Vail Village instead of Lionshead. It was pretty cold out, I didn’t check but, I was told like -15 after. Skinning up was fun, relaxing, and easy. It got me excited to skin as much as possible this winter for exercise. My favorite part was just being out on the Mountain under the moon and stars. I put my splitboard back together without issue and shredded down getting a few powder turns between cat tracks. I really look forward to more full moon, sunrise, and blue bird day sessions. I have a few friends around here who are into skinning but really need some more backcountry/skinning partners.