Training Week- 4/21/14-4/27/14- 31miles

4/21-5mile Group Run with Vail Valley Running Club from Crazy Mountain Brewery put on by some people from Howard Head Sports Medicine. Nice run along the river in my Altra Lone Peaks finished with some excellent beers. 

4/23-3.1mi 29min Quick one up Potato Patch Road

4/24-AM-4.2mi around town PM-5.8mi Avon to Single Tree Connector trail out and back. 

4/26-7-9mi Boneyard to Pool and Ice Rink trail in Eagle. Awesome trails with my buddy Luke and dog Rooster. 7 miles of single track then some run/walking on streets to get back to car. Nice morning in Eagle. 

4/27-4mi around Vail after work in the SNOW!! Some late season snow making it feel like winter still.

Training is going well even though I wish I got more miles in on Saturday for a long run. I am trying to be flexible as well as consistent while upping my mileage. I have been eating well and taking care of myself and feel like I am in a good place mentally at the moment. I look forward to more dry trails, warm weather, and adventures coming up!







4/14/14-4/20/14-Training Week-38m total

4/14-Blood Moon Splitboard up Vail. What an amazing night. 

4/15-8.24mi-1:19. Felt good running on the side of roads out to the Golf Course. Wore my old Asic Road Shoes. Used my Nathan Hand held with some UCAN. 

4/16-5mi 56min. 

4/17-5.6m 1hr. About 4 miles in I broke out in Hives out of no where, not sure what caused it but it was scary and weird. At first I thought it may have been the shirt I was wearing(cotton due to laundry issues) or the food I ate (lots of Elk jerky earlier in the day) or my pollen allergies but, now i think it was due to getting sunburn on the mountain earlier in the day. 


4/19-13mi 2:20. Got to feel some rain coming down at the end. Wore my Nathan vest and brought my handheld as well. Had some Hammer Perpetuem solids, Clif and Gu gels, wore the Asic’s.

4/20-6.17mi 57min. I wore my new Nike Terra Kiger’s i got off eBay for $30 used and they are sweet. I was feeling pretty good after a long run the day before. Brought my hand held with Gu Brew and one Clifshot. Feels so good to be out in the sun in shorts and a T.


Great week!! I am finding more and more dry trail and dirt road around Vail. Finally this training plan is coming together and I am upping the mileage with 38 total for the week(I am working up to 70). 

Today is Marathon Monday and I was stoked to watch MEB take the win and become the first American man to win the Boston Marathon since 1983. Runners truly are a special bunch and I am proud to be a part of it.







Training Week- 4/7/2014-4/13/2014- 23miles

It wasn’t my best training week. I am enjoying some spring snowboarding but it has been difficult focusing on training and hitting my milage goals.

4/7- REST

4/8- 4.7mi 44:11 +450ft Through Vail Village then on ski resort snow from Vail Village to Lionshead.

4/9- AM 3.5mi 34:33 +274ft. PM 3.7mi 32:18 +255ft. First time splitting my milage up and it felt great stretching out the legs in the AM then crusing some more miles at night. I went and snowboarded at Breckenridge with old friends all afternoon, we were hiking steep lines and dropping some cliffs.

4/10- 4miles of patheticness, maybe ran two of them and felt like crap the entire time. It was a beautiful day out and I went and snowboarded on Vail for a while then partook in some mountain top grilling then apres ski at the Red Lion, trying to run after sucked but both my dog and I need to at least get out there for awhile. 

4/11- 4.5mi 43:26 +420ft Through the Villages then on ski resort from Vail to Lionshead. This was suppose to be a rest day but was making up some miles, felt good.  

4/12- 3mi Potato Patch Hill Climb- What was suppose to be a long run day turned into a quick run up Potato patch before Spring back to Vail Festivites, STS9 and girl friends b-day. It was fun.

4/13- More snowboading, it was slushy mess out on Vail but still had fun with my buddy Dennis, the snow keeps coming and I am ready for summer!! 

I hit 23 miles for my second week of the training plan which is way off my goal. Vail closes in a week and once things dry out it will be much easier to get miles in but, for now I can enjoy the snow and try to get out on my splitboard more.





4/7/14- AM Splitboard Sesh for Freshies on Vail

I now am fully addicted to splitboarding. I absolultly love the feeling I get heading up the mountains on skins by myself. I heard we were getting some snow so I decided to wake up early on my “rest day” from running. I got up at 4:50 am, made some coffee, got ready and walked over to the ski resort. I was hoping to see some other skiers or tracks at least but saw no one and started skinning. I have been trying to not listen to music every run and be more in the moment and that has carried over into splitboarding as its also nice to hear the groomers and snowmobiles coming up behind you. Vail got about 5 inches of fresh pow over night and it was still coming down as I hiked for about 1.5 hours. I had to work at 9 so I only went up about half way then put my board back together and enjoyed the ride down. It wasnt the deep powder I was hoping for but I got some nice turns in and didnt see one other skier the entire time. It was an extremely peaceful way to start the day.





4/5/14- Vail Golf Course through Villages-10.2mi- 1:43

First “long” run of on the 24 week training plan. The legs were a little sore and sluggish to start I think partly from the mileage and also from being on roads so much. There is still a lot of snow on the trails here in Vail and sometimes I just don’t feel like post holing and slipping around. I did the first 5 miles with no music which was a nice change and allowed me some quiet time. Rooster and I made it out to the Golf Course and ran around it for awhile exploring. We passed a Mountain Lion in area warning sign which always keeps you on your toes. I brought a couple gels with me GU Peanut Butter and Hammer Espresso and after trying them one after another i came to the conclusion I like GU way better, as far as consistency and taste go. I wore my Salomon XR Missions and after a couple miles i noticed my toes starting to bother me and feel cramped. I think wearing Altra’s and having that wide foot shaped toe box has helped me notice this more in other shoes and how having the ability to spread your toes can help with running form and stability. After I made a huge recovery smoothie with power greens, frozen fruit and berries, hemp milk, avacado, flax seed, chia seeds, and coconut. 







Product Review-EPIC BAR-BISON

I honestly and absolutely love this product. The main ingredient is 100% Grass Fed Bison, the rest include Uncured Bacon, Dried Cranberries, Lactic Acid, Celery Powder, Sea Salt. The cranberry adds a nice sweet flavor and the bacon a smooth smokiness. They have 11grams of NATURAL protein and are GLUTEN FREE. They are headquartered in Austin, TX and also make Thunderbird Energetica which are vegan and just as EPIC(keep an eye out for GATHER bars!). EPIC bar seems to be run by some people who truly live and breathe EPICNESS. By this I mean, they are out on the trials running and mountain bike racing, using the product, living the paleo lifestyle. Yes, this bar is perfect for anyone who follows or is interested in eating paleo or grain free. I love these bars for either after a good run or at work in the office when I don’t have time to make a quality lunch. These bars are also Milk Free and Soy Free. Anyone who is into paleo will know it’s all about the healthy fats and these provide 200 calories, 110 of which are fat calories, the total fat is 12g and the sat. fat is 5g. Some other numbers are 220mg sodium, 10g total carbs, and 8g sugars. It really is the perfect natural protein bar and taste great. They are very easy to chew unlike your regular beef jerky. EPIC bars are a great source of Omega-3, Iron, CLA, Vitamin B12, and Niacin. I consider EPIC bars a key part of my diet and really believe that they help me recover faster and build strength while maintaining a high mileage training plan. A box of 12 cost $34 making them about $2.80 each.




4/3/14- Run around town/Lionshead to West Vail Loop-5.8mi 54:43

This training plan is hurting as planned! My calves were screaming by the end of this run after 3 days in a row. My average pace was 9:26 and I climbed 797ft. I have been tracking my runs with Strava and cant help but get excited about Personal record tropies on climbs, it makes it fun being able to go out and compete against yourself and others whenever you want. I wore my Altra Lone Peaks for this one and really felt like I had that break through with natural running form like I use to get with barefoot shoes, nice efforless stride, Altra’s Rule!



4/2/14- Pavement pounding through Villages to Golf Course- 7.1mi-1:02

Got out for a “faster” “road” run tonight. It was one of those cloudy evenings where its trying to snow but the sun is still peaking through. I went from  Sandstone through Lionshead and Vail Village up to the Golf Course club house. I havn’t been up there lately so it was nice and I am trying to get a better idea of where the East Vail trail heads are for when the snow melts. My legs are feeling it from this one. I wore my Peal Izumi M2s and had one GU Blackberry Gel. After, I had an EPIC Bison bar after which was just what I needed for recovery.






4/1/14- Boreas Pass-4.4mi

I had to go over to Breckenridge to try on a sample race kit at Vertical Runner so decided to bring the dog and head out Boreas Pass after. I love stopping by Vertical Runner, the owners are so friendly and its a very cozy little shop with adorable dogs. I want to buy everything in the store but was able to keep it to a Tech T, some Hammer Gels, Nuun, and a Ugo Bar. This was the first day of my 24 week training plan for Run Rabbit Run 50 miler coming off 10 run-free days. My dog Rooster has been recovering from a dew claw injury he got at the dog park so it felt really good for both of us to get back out there. We made it about 2.2 miles out before the snow started getting punchy and tough to run in. Boreas pass is such a beautiful area with nice pines and aspens along the road/trail with breathtaking views of the valley below. It was nice running in the old neighborhood and getting back into a solid training plan. I brought some GU gel and brew with me and wore my Altra Lone Peak 1.5s.