10/19/14- North Trail-Son of Middle Creek Section loop

It was such a beautiful weekend in Vail! Sunday afternoon I got out for a great run on the Son of Middle Creek section of the north trail, going east from Sandstone Neighborhood towards Middle Creek drainage and Spraddle Creek Road. Luke and his dog friend Lola joined Rooster and I. It was just nice being out there and enjoying this amazing single track. I wore my Altra Olympus again, cause I love them, and my Nathan Vest cause I wanted to bring some supplies. I ended up being really warm out and I was hot in shorts and a t-shirt. Its crazy to think Vail should be open for skiing in almost a month!







10/18/14-North trail-Red Sandstone loop

Such a beautiful fall Saturday here in Vail. I got to the Vail Vitality Center for a yoga class and workout this morning. As we get into winter I look forward to having a pass there and practicing yoga and doing strength building exercises. Then I went for an afternoon loop on the north trail with Roo. There were a few people out on the trail enjoying the leaves and warm weather. I felt a little tired and sluggish but it was nice to get out there. I wore my Altra Olympus and had an Upslope Pumpkin Ale after! A-basin opened this weekend for snowboarding but I’m not in a hurry to deal with crowds and lift lines. I am looking forward to more trail running and some split boarding eventually.









10/14/14-North Trail Loopin-Chasing Last Light

Got out for a great run in my backyard after work. The North Trail is always amazing and so close to where I live, I love it. Its been getting darker out earlier and earlier and yesterday around 5:30pm I could see the sun starting to go down over the mountain, leaving the trail head in its shadow.I went out with no water or pack, just my sweet new Altra Hat, shorts, shirt, and NIke Terra Kigers which are super light and slipper-like. I felt really light and strong on the uphill, making it around the side of the hill in my backyard and catching last light shining through like a keyhole into the valley. Mid-way through the run I was warmed up and the sun was going down fast so I started pushing it hard and flying over the last few miles. Rooster was off the leash the entire time and ran right behind me. I saw a nice Buck with antlers 30ft from the trail, Rooster didn’t see him though. I love these shortish and fast runs in my backyard. Early runs can be amazing but there’s always something about that final hour of daylight and being out on the trails running like an animal.




10/11/2014-Long 6 hour Run on Vail

Its October here in Vail and snow is starting to fly. Even though I have a fantastic summer of running and racing behind me I feel like I must soak up the single track before its too cold and snowy for long runs like this. My buddy Luke and I spent the morning at the Vail Vitality Center partaking in a yoga class then working out for a bit. After a hefty brunch we went and grabbed my dog Rooster and headed out for a run on Vail Mountain. We were having trouble deciding what trail to do, talking about Two Elk Trail and car shuttle options, it was already afternoon and Luke kept saying he wanted to keep it to 13ish miles but I knew we had more in us. I decided to take us out Mill Creek Road to Benchmark, its secluded and you get some awesome views, ending upĀ  way out in the Back Bowls of Vail. We started from my apartment in Sandstone neighborhood, going through Lionshead, up Forest Road, to MIll Creek Road, picking up some single track on South 6. Passing the bottom of chair 10 we got back on MIll Creek Road, now closed to vehicles, which is awesome. Rooster was off the leash and loving life for the entire run. We pushed it out MIll Creek to Benchmark, getting some awesome views of the Gore Range and Vail Pass looking East towards Copper. Then we popped back out into the back bowls of Vail above the T-bar in the Mongolia Bowls. We picked up some more amazing rocky single track with views on both sides to the top of the Orient Express and China bowl, working our way past two elk lodge and towards the top of Mountain Top Express and Northwoods Chair. There we picked up Sunlight/Kinnickinick and some other amazingly green single track down towards mid-vail where about 20 deer were hanging out. I only brought one bottle of water with me and it was getting late so we hurried down Berry Picker back to Lionshead, then back over to Sandstone. It feels really good to still get long runs like this in when I am not really on a training plan or working towards a race, just getting out there and having fun in the mountains. I wore my Hoka One One Stinson ATR which I havnt really had a chance to test on a long run yet. They were awesome! My feet and legs felt fresh the entire time and they also have great traction. My only complaint is they may be a little high off the ground causing potential for some serious ankle rolling. My other pair of max cush shoes are the Altra Olympus, which I wore for 50 miles in Run Rabbit Run, they have a wide toe box which increases stability. I also for my New Nathan Pack which I love, thanks Dad! For food, I had an EPIC bar and a few Huma gels.