12/7/14-North Trail Loop snowy trail action

It was a beautiful sunny December day here in Vail. My legs were a little stiff from my first skin of the season so I went for a loop on the north trail with rooster. It was pretty snowy but doable and packed out for like a mile by both trailheads. This is my backyard loop from red sandstone to buffhner creek, about 4-5 miles with great views of Vail ski resort, the gore range, and mt of the Holy Cross. I wore my Altra Lone Peak 2.0 which i LOVE! I was wearing shorts and a light t-shirt, I had some EFS first endurance gel mixed with water in my handheld. I was fun being out there with rooster and I felt great.











12/6/14-Full Moon Skin up Vail

I almost forgot how much fun splitboarding is! Last night I got out for a little full moon skin action on Vail, going from Vail Village up past mid vail to the top of chair 4 and Henry’s deck. I went with my friends John and Luke and it was just a beautiful night out there. When we got to the top the grill was already going for some reason so we hung out for a little bit, had a beer and ate some food. John brought hummas, crackers, pepperoni, chocolate brittle, and hot dogs, quite the spread. I was feasting on epic bars the whole night and decided to throw a turkey bar on the grill, I was shocked at how grilling it brought out the flavor, it was sooo good. The ride down was ridiculously fun! The whole mountain to ourselves, under he moon on fresh soft corduroy! I absolutely love the feeling of skinning up and having the mountain to yourself and the night just adds a whole new element of awesome to everything. We saw one groomer the entire time, leaving around 7pm and getting down around midnight.