Splitboarding Meadow Mountian with Rooster

I took Rooster to Meadow Mountain to Splitboard today. He goes crazy as soon as he’s off the leash running around looking for sticks. When he finds a good one he drops it at my feet for me to throw. It was a snowy morning out there and we had a few inches of fresh pow. We were out there for almost 2 hours just taking in the beauty and enjoying the silence. I love how splitboarding is a great slow motion upper leg workout on the skin up. It feels good to get out there and move slowly on my days off from running. After I made a pile of eggs, sweet potato, zucchini, and avocado. 

It’s been dumping out all day in Vail and tomorrow is employee “first tracks” so I get on the lifts an hour before the public, should be good!

2/24/15-North Trail Freshies with Rooster

After a long weekend of bluegrass, beers, and shredding pow, I was able to get out for a short run with Rooster today. I saw some great bands like the wood brothers, les claypool, leftover salmon, elephant revival, fruition, and chain station. I also sampled lots of great colorado breweries like bonfire, Avery, telluride, epic, ska, and crazy mountain. I also rode lots of good powder back at bluesky basin and the back bowls of vail Saturday and Sunday. 

Needless to say my dog was getting neglected all weekend and deserved some trail time.  I have been testing out my sweet new Mio Alpha 2 latley and really like the heart rate data it gives me. I wore my Hokas for this run and they did pretty good on the snowy trail as usual.  It was a beautiful sunny bluebird morning in Vail and rooster was having a blast as always.  I had some green tea with coconut oil after. I’m at work now wearing some new injinji socks I am sampling from Peak Performance and really like them!

 I also become an affiliate with Opedix tights today. They make some scientifically engineered apparel designed to activate your movement system, also known as your kinetic chain. Use the code “busch” for free shipping on thier site!

Splitboarding Meadow Mountian

It was a fun morning split-boarding up Meadow Mountain with Rooster. It was sunny and in the 40s and has been unseasonably warm here in Vail. I was in a t-shirt at the top and overheating most of the time. I went up farther than last time but not all the way to the shack. I was able to find some good snow on the way down and rooster had a blast as usual. I did some squats and deadlifts at the gym yesterday and getting out to skin uphill felt great!








Leadville Snowshoe Half Marathon

Had a great first race of the year Saturday at the Leadville Snowshoe Marathon and Half Marathon. I did the half in 1:58:15. I was the 4th person to finish, the 3rd male, and 1st in my age group. It was a beautiful day at the Mt. Massive golf course. I had some technical issues with my new Northern Lite Direct mount race shoes and had my right shoe falling apart around mile 10 on a snowy downhill. I should have took more time putting them together with locktite but, lesson learned. I need some neoprene cycling booties to keep my feet dry as well. I tied the paddle part of the snowshoe on to my shoe with a long sleeve shirt I was wearing, this worked great as it was a beautiful sunny day. I felt strong pretty much the whole race, going out steady then pushing the pace, I probably passed about 10 people but had no one passing me. I got some bad blisters from the screws poking through, ouch, first time getting blisters during a race. Not too many people came out to race but it was a lot of fun and I had a great day. I had a bowl of chile on the deck of the club house in a ADK chair after while watching some of the finishers, snowshoe racing rules. I had an Epic Liver Bar on the ride back to Vail to help with recovery. We’ll see if I can get my shoes back together for Colorado Snowshoe State Championship at Tennessee Pass Cookhouse on the 21st. My legs were pretty sore today but I was able to snowboard Vail all day and make it back to Blue Sky basin for some brats. There’s the Vail Winter Uphill race coming up on the 22nd as well, that’s a fun one!










2/4/15-Snowy North Trail looping!

Winter is back in Vail! I’ve been busy with work and SOS but have still managed to get out and enjoy life. Yesterday I was trying to splitboard with the dog but was short on time so settled for a run and was very happy with that. It was snowing out and the north trail was fresh pow the whole way! It was a little difficult staying on the trail sometimes but I’ve run this section 100s of times and know it very well. We saw a healthy red fox watching us from a distance on the way up! It was beautiful out there! I wore my Hoka ATRs which I love, paired with some sweet Melanzana socks my girlfriend got me for Christmas! It felt good to get out there and I am hoping to do a half marathon snowshoe race Saturday, if I can get my snowshoes together tomorrow(Friday) morning. On another note, I’ve been enjoying working retail at icebreaker in Vail and peak performance footwear in Edwards but I think what I really want to do is move into some sales rep/account manager positions within the outdoor industry, soooo looking for leads!