February 28, 2015 North Trail snowy loop to moose

Had a sick snowy run with the rooster the other day. I planned on just going out and back a section I usually only come down but ended end poopin the section for about 5 miles in 2 hours. There was a lot of knee and waist deep wallowing and post holing. I was wearing my Altra lone peak 2.0 with Darn Tough socks, Altra gaiters and run yak Traks. The gaiters and yaks failed, collecting snow underneath the gaiters and the yaks Velcro wouldn’t stay closed then I lost the left one while post holing around a moose. Oh yeah, we saw a moose. Coming to the top of the sandstone section behind where I live there was a big bill standing in the way munching on branches. He seemed like he didn’t want to move for us so we went around finding the trail downhill. It was a solid snowy adventure run in my backyard. I was using my sweet new Mio Alpha 2 trying to push it even though the snow was a little deep and I probably should of had snowshoes on. I had a Epic Liver bar along with some green tea and coconut oil for recovery after. 

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