5/2/2015-Denver Trails(watch out for Rattlers!!!)

Last weekend I went down to Denver on Saturday and scoped out some trails by Red Rocks for a few hours. I had my girlfriend drop Rooster and I off at the Matthews/Winters park trail head just before noon and it was pretty packed. I wasn’t used the Denver crowds but the trail was nice enough so I was complaining! We found a nice loop around the Red Rocks park with some nice hilly technical trails and great views of Red Rocks. I was trying out the new  Ultraspire Titan 2.0 and carrying my Sony a6000 camera. I did manage to fall pretty good once cutting up my knee and hip. My was a little dirty and my sunscreen exploded inside my bag but, it was all good and we kept on running. We went across the street attempting to check out the Dakota Ridge trail. This was also busy but had awesome views on both sides turned out to be some more amazing trail, right down in Denver! I was getting ready to come out another trailhead and maybe loop through red rocks but we came across a Rattle snake and turned around! We made it back to the trail head and hung out in the stream until our ride came. We got about 8 miles in and my Altra Paradigm felt awesome! I was using Vfuel gels and some Justin’s Almond Butter.