5/19/14-5/25/14-Training Week-43 miles total

5/19-6miles with run club at Crazy Mountain Brewery with Howard Head Sports Medicine. Berry Creek to Endo Ally. Very cool Edwards trails with some good people and good beer after.

5/20-5miles Vail mountain service roads Lionshead to golden peak. Saw kayaks in the river, stopped at ATM, wore my salomons, very tired.

5/21-7miles 1:20 Lionshead service road to vail trail single track out and back. Wore my beat up pearl Izumi m2’s and they still rule.

5/22-7miles same route as day before with Luke and roost, out vail trail all the way. Wore my Altras. Legs we’re dead after skipping my day off on Monday.


5/24-13miles 2:30 went out mill creek service road on vail until i hit a closed sign, found some singletrack on way back from Lionshead to cascade then looped around west vail. It was almost 9pm and getting dark as I finished.

5/25- 5miles at 6am. Wearing Salomon xr mission. Ran forest road and around vail village. Legs tired.








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This month we are excited to feature a guest EPIC bar recipe from our good friends at Paleo On The Go! For those of you who are not yet familiar with POTG, let me explain.

Imagine coming home exhausted after a weekend long camping trip. You have pushed your body to its limits and have survived off of only EPIC bars in the wild. All you can think about is a hot fresh meal to nourish your mind and body. Lucky for you, at the door step of your home awaits a deliciously fresh paleo meal! So you’re probably asking yourself “How did gourmet paleo food arrive at my doorstep? That seems a little hard to believe.” However, Paleo On The Go specializes in this. Not only are the meals palate exploding delicious, but they are ridiculously convenient and easy to prepare.

EPIC Wrap with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

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5/12/14-5/18/14-Training Week and Boneyard Boogie-39mi total

5/13-AM Splitboard up Vail Mountain for Freshies, soo nice being out there all alone. Expected it to be cloudy but it was not and I got sunburn. PM 10miles around town. 

5/14-6.5mile out Red Sandstone Road then over to Lionshead and back. Wore my Altra Lone Peak 1.5, Nathan Hydration vest and handheld. Saw some snow and some sun. 

5/15-4miles. Trying to check out some new trail over past Minturn with my buddy Brian and his dogs. We went out the Cross creek trail about a mile or so before it turned into snow. Very cool area and good to have a partner who wants to explore a bit. Came home, changed into my missions and took the dog around the hood for another mile or so. 

5/16-Shakeout run around the hood.

5/17-RACE!!! Boneyard Boogie in Eagle, CO an 11k race on some sweet singletrack. It was about 3 miles of climbing then 4 miles of downhill. It was the first of the Town of Vail summer trail running series and a part of the Eagle Outside festival. It was a fun race with about 185 people coming out for it. I placed 23rd overall and 7th in the men’s 20’s age group in 54:41 and was pretty happy with that. My legs were tired from training but I really felt good overall and was passing people at the end. I was suppose to do a 20 mile long run this day but after the race(and a couple beers) I was done running for the day. 

5/18-10.5miles 2:22 -Got a solid long run in to end the week with the Rooster. We went out the famous Davos Hill climb in West Vail almost to the tower to start it off, I was only scheduled 8 for the day but wanted to make up some miles for yesterday and was feeling good. I wanted to find a river for the dog so we went on the bike path behind Cascade towards the Villages then went up the ski resort a little bit on one of the service roads and found some trail between cascade and Lionshead villages. We went for a little dunk in the river by Lionshead gondola around mile 9, testing out the draining holes in the toes of the lone peaks and the drying capabilities of my Smartwool socks, it felt good on the feet. Slogged home about a mile from there feeling good on Sunday. 

Great week overall, getting better mileage and had a good race in there too. 













5/5/14-5/11/14-Training Week-28mi total

5/6-8.25mi 1hr24min- Vail Village to West Vail loop. Wearing Salomon Mission XR and Fuel belt. Ate some Clif Blocks and felt really good.

5.7-6.2mi 1:00hr- Ran through the villages to Vail Nature Center and checked out some new trail.

5/8-4.1mi- :37min- Winter came back, it was snowing and getting dark. Saw a moose and felt fast.

5/10-4mi run out the dirt road in the AM then an afternoon hike in Hunter Creek with some friends. Left the snow and went to MOAB for the weekend. It was beautiful but a little warm for my dog. We camped way out on Kane Creek Road at Ledges campground. Didn’t get the long run I was looking for, partly due to not having enough water at the time. Ate a whole thing of Milt’s chile cheese tots on the ride home.

5/11-3 miles around the hood.

Not my best week of training, it was snowing in Vail then Hot in Moab and I was just unmotivated for some reason.











4/28/2014-5/3/2014-Training Week-35miles

This was a pretty good week of training. I was able to get around 35 miles in and feel good at the end. My legs are a little sore but I am starting to feel better and adapt to the mileage. I am looking forward to running as the weather gets warmer and the trails get dryer.

4/28-Rest day, it was snowing.

4/29- 4 miles around town early AM.  Having a little trouble hitting my mileage on these mid week “around town” runs. Its a combo of all the trails around Vail being closed for snow/elk and sometimes my calves are screaming and I want to get home and eat dinner with my girlfriend.

4/30-7 miles

5/1-3 miles. Buck Creek Trail in Avon. Checking out some new trail. Nice single track that crosses a creek several times on its way up a valley, in a month or two I will be able to connect this trail with some that come from Vail.  


5/3-17 miles (2,910ft+) on dirt in Eagle with Rooster. Was out for 4 hours but, my Strava said I was moving for 3 hours. It was 70 and sunny mid day and it felt awesome. Wore my Altra Lone Peaks and came well prepared with map, life straw, extra water and food, first aid and all that in my Nathan vest. Eagle has one hell of a trail system and we got a little lost for a few but was able to re-trace my steps and find my way(it worked out as I was going for 18 miles and just exploring new trails). I was mostly on Abram’s Ridge and Scratch. I felt pretty solid the entire run. Rooster (my dog) was slowing down on the second half, stopping and laying down in every patch of snow or shady tree he found. After I stopped by to check out this new brewery in town, 7 Hermits Brewing, I had a sample platter of their beer and a great Arugula/Beet/Chevron salad as I watched the Kentucky Derby. 

5/4-4.2 miles in 42 mins. My legs were a little sluggish from the long run the day before but I knew I had to get out there and finish the week off strong. I didn’t get my 8 miles that the plan called for buy this 4 felt pretty awesome. I have been wearing my Salomon XR missions for runs when I am on roads and side walks a lot. I didn’t bring any water for this one, just my shoes, shorts, shirt, watch and dog. Once my legs got warmed up I felt really good.