August 2, 2014-Gore Creek Trail to Gore Lake-12 miles

Great run with Rooster up to Gore Lake. This was one of the only East Vail hikes I havn’t been up and it was just amazing. I LOVE getting up in the Gore and seeing up close the mystic range we always see from town and the ski resort. The Gore Creek Trail was very cool and always changing as it makes it way up the valley. At 4 miles there is this double grave site from two of Vail’s early settlers who passed away in the early 1900s. At the split you can either go to Red Buffalo Pass all the way to Silverthorne or up to Gore Lake. My dog and I obviously chose the lake and he went for a swim in this epic mountain paradise.








July 26, 2014-Fancy Pass>Cross Creek>Around Holy Cross Mt. Range-30miles-12hours

Went for quiet the adventure run with my buddy Brian. The plan was to loop the Holy Cross Mountain Range going along the front side on Fancy Creek passing 7 sisters Lakes, going over Fancy Pass to Cross Creek then getting back over to Half Moon somehow. We started around 5am and it was just epic the entire time. We passed about a dozen back country lakes and going over Fancy pass was very cool. We saw some people camping on the front side but once we got around back the trail was empty. Some of the mining ruins we passed in Cross Creek were just amazing. Afterwhile, we realized we were a little off our path and would have to bushwack for a few hours over a ridge, there were lots of bugs biting and branches stabbing but, we made it back to the main Holy Cross trail eventually. My friend had a sweet water filter so we were able to refill thankfully. On the last couple miles an afternoon storm rolled in and made some noise. It was 5am-5pm and I was hurting but able to run it out to the car.










Vail Half Marathon-July 20, 2014-2hr3min

A few weeks ago I ran my second Half Marathon ever on Vail Mountain and it went pretty well. I had fun and felt pretty strong at the end. There was a lot of climbing and it got pretty hot out but my 50 miler training has done me good. The first Half Marathon I ran was in 2010 in Pueblo and it was all flat along a canal. The past couple years I have run 3 “Mountain Marathons” and two 50ks, so it was fun to see what I could do in a half. These are some of the trails I run frequently but they were still amazing and it was great to share them with some many other runners